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Dermasilk for Eczema

DermaSilk® is the line of therapeutic clothing for people who suffer from skin diseases (as Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema, Psoriasis, Candidiasis, Contact Dermatitis, Mycosis and other sensitive skin conditions).

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- Dermasilk for Kids

- Dermasilk for Woman

- Dermasilk for Man


DermaSilk’s efficacy derives from the combination of the properties of pure silk fibroin with the protective activity of a permanent antimicrobial agent that controls and prevents skin infections without altering the natural bacterial flora of the skin and mucosa.

In 2009 DermaSilk Therapeutic clothing was included in ETFAD/EADV European Guidelines from mild up to moderate/severe atopic dermatitis. The line comprises underwear for children/men/women, intimateforchildren/woman/man, a line of hosiery (with and without gradual compression) and accessories such as gloves, masks and bandages.

For more information, please visit DermaSilk to Manage and Control Eczema

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