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The Healthy Skin Diet
“The Healthy Skin Diet is a fantastic book for those seeking healthy skin the natural way. Karen has so much experience treating sufferers of skin conditions, and her programs, while really easy to follow, are so effective. The Healthy Skin Diet even caters for those with special dietary needs, like coeliac disease, which I suffer from. This book provides a natural, effective guide to getting beautiful skin from the inside, out.”
Holly Brisley, actor and television presenter

“I have been recently trying your advice about giving my 5 years old who suffers terribly from eczema a daily dose of the supplement for salicylate sensitivity. I must say after 3 days his skin is beautiful. I have never seen it look this good. Combined with your low/no additive diet I am so grateful for a different child.”
Cathi Firth

“My 16 month old son Jagger has suffered with eczema since birth, especially on his feet and behind his knees. After I put him on Karen’s anti-eczema program, within a couple of days he was sleeping better and scratching less. Within ten days, all the redness was gone from his skin and I could leave him without clothes, and without scratching! He’s much happier and busy playing instead of scratching!”
Karma Montagne from Sydney, NSW

Your book is amazing and even my Mother and Mother-In-Law are reading it intently over and over. My 4 year old daughter who is about to start Kindy has been taken off preservatives and artificial colours and has been taking her supplements for her severe eczema and is looking like a million dollars. What a difference in just 6 weeks. After 4 years of battling her eczema (not sleeping, not eating, extreme fatigue and hospitalisation with infected skin) I am now in control, more than ever. The doctors told me it was all about maintaining her comfort. The Healthy Skin Diet maintenance program is sooooo much better than many many tubes of cortisone cream that I used to use.”
Meaghan via email

“The doctors told me Jesse’s eczema wasn’t food related and I was advised to minimise dust mite exposure, which we tried but it didn’t clear up the eczema. The dietary changes and advice Karen gave us worked and 2 months later Jesse’s eczema was gone. It’s great, Jesse doesn’t need medications anymore. I could finally throw away the Advantan as we had found the source of the eczema rather than masking the symptoms. I liked the fact that the elimination diet allowed us to find the specific foods he was reacting to, and it was very straightforward and easy to follow. Friends and family were amazed and asked how I got his skin looking so good.”
Linda from Minchinbury, NSW

“My partner suffers from a form of eczema which is worse during the hot months. She has these blotches all over and in summer when sweating they become red and itch like crazy. She has been taking your lemon drink each morning and amazingly the red blotches have almost totally disappeared and there is no more itching. It is a miracle !!! Something so simple. Thanks so much.”
Hazel K. via email

“Thank you so much for a concise and well researched book. If I said its changed my life I would sound clichéd, but that sums it up. I’m 31 and have suffered from acne since I was 15. This has affected my self esteem in varying degrees. Its been 6 days and I can honestly say I’ve seen better results than in a decade of trying. I’ve lost 2 kilos to boot. I’m so excited and will stick to it. I’m forever grateful for your book and its vital contents! Much love and appreciation.”
Camilla Thornhill, via email


The Allergy and Asthma Cure: A Complete 8-Step Nutritional Program
“Dr. Fred Pescatore’s The Allergy and Asthma Cure reveals a unique and revolutionary understanding of the underlying conditions of allergy and asthma-from food triggers to the environment to nutritional deficiencies. His integrative program of both alternative and traditional treatments can dramatically improve health and vitality, safely and soundly. This book will have a prominent place in my library and I highly recommend it!”
Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S., author of the bestselling The Fat Flush Plan

“Conventional medicine has largely shrugged its shoulders in confusion about the causes of allergies and asthma in millions of people. In this book Dr. Fred Pescatore deals with the roots of these modern epidemics, drawing on his clinical experience, and he provides clear recommendations for turning back the tide and restoring health.”
Jack Challem, author of the bestselling Syndrome X and The Inflammation Syndrome

“The Allergy and Asthma Cure is the book we have all been waiting for. Dr. Pescatore manages, in a concise manner, to summarize all the facts and presents a comprehensive healing guide that incorporates both conventional and alternative approaches. A must-read for those dealing with these issues.”
Artur Spokojny, M.D., F.A.C.C., Medical Director of Integrative Medicine of Manhattan, Associate Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College

“I have seen firsthand how The Allergy and Asthma Cure has changed people’s lives for the better. I have started using his treatment protocols for my own patients with a remarkable success rate, and best of all with no side effects. Many of my patients are getting off their allergy and asthma medications completely. I strongly recommend this book to anyone with allergies or asthma.”
Dana G. Cohen, M.D., board-certified, Internal Medicine

“This book is for anyone willing to give up his or her life as an asthmatic. I had tried every drug and treatment available and the asthma only got worse. Under Dr. Pescatore’s care, I began to see results within six weeks. It’s been over two years now living without an attack. His approach has changed the way I live.”
Paul Goldman, patient


Funhaler Child Incentive Spacer
The administration of medicine to our children is one of the more difficult parts of parenting. Using the Funhaler makes the giving of inhaled medication so much easier. My daughters (3yrs & 4yrs) are so happy to use it. I am confident they are getting the correct dose, every time I see the wheel spin & hear the whistle sound. The quality of the product is outstanding. The mask is comfortable and fits the face of the child well. The Funhaler is fantastic.
C K, Dianella, Australia

Absolutely wonderful product, my son loves to take his medication now and is so much happier.
Tabb, Perth, Australia

We’ve been using the Funhaler for six months, it’s so much easier to get my daughter to take her medicine.
Michelle – USA


Tubifast Garments and Bandage
Just letting you know that the Tubifast gave my daughter one of the best night's sleep in at least a year. She only woke up once and I was able to put her back to sleep straight away without further lathering her with Dermeze. I am normally up caring for her at least four times each night lathering creams etc on her. Her skin was so much improved that she could manage a bath for the first time in four days. Thank you.
Evelene – Neutral Bay NSW

I tried out the Tubifast socks for my 2 yr old last night and for the first time in about 6 months she didn't scratch herself to sleep crying (she gets severe eczema). Many thanks.
Cara – Gold Coast, QLD

Hi. I have a 7 year old who had severe eczema and was scratching day and night. Even during school he is/was distracted due to the constant itching. I am just writing to say that I have recently purchased the Tubifast vest and leggings as well as Epaderm. In two days of using his normal cortisone cream, Epaderm and the wet bandage method, his skin is so clear and he is able to sleep the night without itching. Tonight I used no cortisone creams. I just cannot believe how comfortable he is. I have to check that I am not imagining it.


Silver Soothe Clothing
Hi. We just ordered a 110cm Comfymitt PJ suit for our daughter and so far it has been a great success. Stopping her from scratching at night has allowed her skin to heal, with quite amazing results in just a week.
Kimberley – Gold Coast, QLD


Eco Organic Clothing
Thanks for the clothing – it is working perfectly – we should have got it years ago.
Ian – Carwoola, NSW


100% Organic Cotton Gloves
Hi. Just wanted to let you know we received our order. Thank you for the prompt delivery, and the gloves are fantastic. Thanks again.
Kellie – VIC

I recently purchased gloves from your website and would like to let you know I loved how easy and fast they arrived. My 3 year old son suffers severe dermatitis and has been unable to play in the sand at daycare ... he is a happy camper. Again, I'm so glad I found your website and have been recommending it to everyone I know as the gloves are a godsend and I will be ordering from you in the future.

Thanks you for sending the gloves so quickly, they are great and Eric (husband) has some new cream also and his hands are improving, he says the gloves are great as they are much longer to wear, so he is on the improve. At least now we know where we can get more if we need them.
Pat – WA


Organic Cotton Bras
Thank you very much for sending my shopping. The bras are comfortable, I wanted something like these for a long time.
Eva – WA