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More about Silver Soothe

Products containing Silver Soothe are made using the combination of 100% pure organic cotton and 47th Element Silver technology.

For thousands of years silver has been valued for the natural anti-bacterial properties it provides. Did you know that Roman soldiers used silver to prevent the growth of bacteria in their water supplies?

Today silver is recognised by NASA and hospitals for the ability to prevent infections and offer effective natural healing.

For some time we have been aware that silver in colloidal form is effective in the battle against itchy eczema. With new nano technology it is now possible to add silver ions to cotton fibres to ease the night-time itches.

Cotton clothing is recommended by Dermatologists, as it allows eczematous skin to breathe, absorbing body moisture and wicking it away from the skin therefore helping to regulate body temperature.

We all have, and need, both good and bad bacteria on our skin, however, natural moisture can allow an overgrowth of bacteria and micro-organisms to develop and lead to allergic reactions and infections.

It is well established that eczema is prone to secondary infection.

The natural silver ions in our clothing remove bacteria overgrowth and prevent the spread of organisms and risk of secondary infection

The benefits of Natural Silver Soothe cotton
- no chemical antibacterial agents involved
- can be boil washed to destroy allergen and medication without loss of effectiveness of silver ions
- silver ions are permanent even after more than 50 washes which ensures that none is leaked into our fragile eco-system through the water supply
- has been subjected to stringent testing to obtain OEKO-TEX certification
- can be used in conjunction with your regular treatments
- helps to regulate body temperature

The benefits to you are:
a natural reduction of itching and scratching
- gradual reduction of medication
- protective barrier against secondary infection
- soft comforting clothing
- the chance of a good nights sleep