Breathe Easy with Our Range of Hypoallergenic Allergy Masks - Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

IMPORTANT: Please note that the masks we provide are not medical-grade masks. They are designed for general use and may not offer the same level of protection as masks specifically approved for medical purposes. If you work in an environment with health hazards or require a higher level of protection, we strongly recommend seeking an appropriate mask that meets the necessary safety standards for your specific needs. 

We sell VogMask, known for efficient, well-fitting, comfortable, stylish reusable consumer masks. Available in five sizes to provide a perfect seal around nose and mouth for a wide variety of facial shapes, designed to facilitate correct positioning on the user and remain in place, efficient for filtering of microscopic particles, tested for confirming safety, easy breathing, and performance, Vogmask offers several designs in both microfiber and organic cotton for mask protection.

No latex in the manufacture of Vogmask. Material components have safety data sheets to confirm safety for respirators.

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