Wet Wrap for Eczema

Eczema Care and Management

Wet Wrapping or Dressing Therapy can be a very valuable component of management and treatment for widespread and localized eczema.

For more information, please visit: Eczema and the Wet Wrapping Theray

We have a digital Educational Booklet with detailed information about Wet Wrapping Therapy. You can VIEW & SAVE your copy clicking here: Wet Wrapping Therapy for Eczema - Step by Step 

One of the most popular brands used for this Therapy is the Tubifast Garments or Bandages and Epaderm Ointment. More about the brand can be found clicking here: Tubifast

Tubifast Tights 6 to 24 mths
Tubifast GLOVES for Children
Tubifast SOCKS for Children
Sudocrem Healing Cream 250g
DermaVeen Eczema Ointment
E45 Cream

E45 Cream

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Mepilex 10x10 cm
Mepilex Lite 10x10 cm
Sensitive Dressing Strip