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Mittens for Wet Wrapping | Hand Skin Conditions

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Mittens ideal to support the treatment of dermatological skin diseases , especially atopic dermatitis (AD), eczema ,lupus ,psoriasis , etc. They are a function of retention dressing for all types of hand injuries , burns or in proceedings postoperative (general surgery and plastic surgery).

3 Different Design: Comfifast ™ Easywrap ™ Mittens (children and teenagers) are available in three dimensional variants , for children from 6 months to 2 Years (gloves with a hole for the thumb), for children from 2 to 8 Years (with a hole for the thumb), and for children and adolescentsbetween 8 and 14 years (without a hole for the thumb).

Clothing of Comfifast ™ Easywrap ™ is manufactured using the highest quality materials using MultiStretch ™ technology . Durable and stretchable in all directions, the material does not change its properties even after repeated washing .

Such features make the products Multistretch ™ technology is ideally suited for applications that retention dressing (hold the dressing , do not irritate the skin, fit body - also distorted and swollen , body parts) . The use of the products described a quiet night (with no scratching and irritation) and active day (discreet when worn under clothing itself, eliminates irritation and are a barrier to dirt and odor of drugs).

Mittens mainly used for children , multiple plugs around scratching their hand or if there is a risk of transferring bacteria through the hands to other parts of the body . Gloves also assumes the use of standard dressings can not or do not provide the desired results .

According to the manufacturer , the products of technology Multistretch ™ retain their medicinal properties , up to 30 washes (maximum wash temperature of 60 ° C , allowed the laundry in a washing machine ) .

Comfifast ™ Easywrap ™ Mittens is recommended especially when used in both dry (DryWrapping) and wet dressings (WetWrapping).

What is the composition of Comfifast Garments? 
86% Viscose 
11% Nylon 
3% Elastane


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Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Assembled Length 5.000m
Assembled Height 3.000m

Comy mittens

By: on 17 March 2021
I bought these for my daughter in the hope that she might wear them. She loves them and finds them comfortable and soft.

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