Tubifast GLOVES for Children

Tubifast Gloves for Eczema and other Skin Conditions

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Please download the PDF file with all the information you need: Tubifast Gloves Info Sheet

Size information
The small gloves are from the age of 4-5 years and upwards. 

IMPORTANT: Tubifast gloves do look quite tiny at first, but the strech quite a lot to fit up to a small size adult hand.

Hands up who wants relief from hand eczema?
The misery of hand eczema affects up to 5% of adults, and while cases vary in severity, this common condition can be very disabling. A visible skin disease can cause anxiety and low self esteem, affecting an individual’s ability to socialise, do their job and interact with others. No busy, active person can be told not to use their hands, and yet, the first-line therapy for atopic eczema is to apply a moisturising emollient.

Tubifast Gloves are ideal as a dermatological covering or for wet or dry wrapping, allowing patients to keep a greasier, more effective emollient in contact with skin for longer – giving the skin a chance to heal. The gloves are seamless and provide freedom of movement so patients can get on with their lives even during the worst flare-ups.

Gloves features
- Allow full freedom of movement of fingers and thumbs, therefore can be worn throughout the day and night without interfering with normal day-to-day activities
- Provide full coverage of the wrists, a common location of eczematous skin
- Help keep the emollient in close contact with the skin for longer 
- Shield inflamed hands from view and protect bedding and clothing from a greasier emollient 
- Act as a physical barrier, helping to protect the hands against the damaging effect scratching has on the skin 

Fibre content: VISCOSE, NYLON and ELASTANE.

Designed to cover and protect, Tubifast Gloves can be worn in three ways:
1) Use one pair alone as a dermatological covering. The gloves will protect bedding and clothing from dermatological preparations. 
2) Dry wrapping: apply one pair of gloves directly over a liberal layer of emollient (such as Epaderm which is designed for use in dry wrapping).
3) Wet wrapping: use two pairs of gloves in the wet wrapping technique. Apply a liberal layer of emollient to the hands (such as Epaderm which is designed for use in wet wrapping), followed by a warm damp pair of gloves and then a dry pair on top.

The benefits of wet wrapping
- disruption of the itch-scratch cycle
- less sleep interruption
- cooling and soothing the skin
- better hydration, reducing inflammation and allergen load

Washing instructions
- Can be machine washed at 60 degrees (if using Epaderm or a similar emollient. The hot wash removes the emollient from the garment.) Can be tumble dried on low. It is best to use a delicates bag when washing and drying.

Tubifast garments and bandages are suppose to last for approximately 10-15 washes.


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Shipping Length 0.032m
Assembled Length 3.200m
Assembled Height 16.500m

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