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Comfort and Caring: Your Allergy-Friendly Teddy Bear

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All our toys are painstakingly handcrafted to ensure remarkable durability, and they undergo special procedures to make them allergy-friendly, able to withstand even the most spirited play.

Fashioned exclusively from 100% natural cotton fabric, gentle on the skin, and filled with allergy-proof polyester, our toys are completely free from harmful toxins.

With convenience in focus, we've ensured that all our handcrafted toys are machine washable, guaranteeing that your child's treasured companion remains allergy-free even after extended playtime.

Every toy comes with its own robust canvas carry bag, poised to accompany your child on any adventure they embark upon


  • Handmade 
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Polyester Filling
  • Machine Washable (30 degrees)
  • Non-Toxic
  • Sitting or Standing


  • Height: 21cm
  • Width: 20cm

Care instructions:

  • Select Gentle Cycle: Choose a gentle wash cycle on your washing machine. This cycle is designed for delicate fabrics and helps prevent excessive agitation that can damage the fabric.
  • Adjust Temperature: Set the water temperature to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). This is considered a cool wash, suitable for most delicate and coloured fabrics.
  • Opt for Extra Rinse: If your washing machine has an extra rinse option, consider using it to ensure that all detergent is thoroughly removed from the clothes.
  • Avoid Strong Spin: If your washing machine allows, select a lower spin speed. This helps protect delicate fabrics from being twisted or stretched.
  • Remove Promptly: Once the cycle is complete, promptly remove the clothes from the machine. Hanging or laying them flat to dry can help prevent wrinkles and ensure they maintain their shape.
  • Air Dry or Tumble Dry on Low: For best results, air dry the clothes. If you prefer to use a dryer, choose the lowest heat setting to prevent any potential shrinkage or damage.

Allergy-friendly teddy bears are important for children for several significant reasons:

  1. Health and Safety: Many children have allergies, and exposure to allergens can lead to discomfort or even severe reactions. Allergy-friendly teddy bears are specially designed to minimize the risk of allergens, ensuring a safe playtime experience.

  2. Comfort and Emotional Support: A teddy bear often serves as a source of comfort and emotional support for children. An allergy-friendly teddy bear ensures that this cherished companion doesn't cause any discomfort, allowing the child to form a strong attachment without health concerns.

  3. Empowerment and Independence: Children with allergies need to learn how to manage their condition. Providing them with allergy-friendly toys empowers them to make choices that prioritize their health and safety. It encourages a sense of independence and self-care.

  4. Inclusivity: Allergy-friendly toys promote inclusivity by allowing children with allergies to participate fully in play activities without feeling excluded or different from their peers.

  5. Educational Tool: Allergy-friendly teddy bears can serve as educational tools. Parents and caregivers can use them to teach children about their allergies, what triggers them, and how to manage them effectively.

  6. Long-Term Companionship: High-quality allergy-friendly teddy bears are typically built to last. This means that the teddy bear can provide companionship and comfort to the child over an extended period, becoming a cherished part of their childhood memories.

  7. Peace of Mind for Parents and Caregivers: Parents and caregivers of children with allergies can have peace of mind knowing that the teddy bear won't pose a risk to the child's health. This allows for worry-free play and comfort.

  8. Promotes Awareness and Availability: Supporting allergy-friendly products encourages the market to provide more options for children with allergies. It raises awareness about the importance of allergy-friendly products in meeting the unique needs of these children.

In conclusion, allergy-friendly teddy bears play a crucial role in ensuring the health, well-being, and emotional development of children with allergies. They offer a safe, comforting, and inclusive playmate that supports a child's overall growth and well-being.


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