Bamboo for Eczema Care and Relief

Why Bamboo for Eczema Care and Relief?

- bamboo is four time more absorbent than cotton and maintains the body temperature by hastily wicking away moisture from the skin, which then evaporates leaving the baby dry and comfortable.

- bamboo fabric has natural "air conditioning" built in enabling the skin to breathe and helping to relieve irritated skin.

- it remains cool to the touch, even when it is warm, bringing immediate comfort and relief. How? The bamboo fibre is packed with micro-gaps and holes, giving it incredible aeration properties. In hot weather, it will keep the user cooler than standard fabrics in the comparable knit or weave.

- variation of temperature can set off eczema flare ups; most often hot humid or cold dry conditions. Bamboo fabric is a natural temperature regulator with great insulating properties

- bamboo is natural hypoallergenic, mild and gentle; ideal for babies' sensitive skin; therefore there will be no allergic reactions as with other natural fibres such cotton or hemp. This is because bamboo fibres are naturally smooth and round without any chemical treatment, meaning there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin.- antibacterial by nature, bamboo fibre has natural elements to help kill and prevent the spread of bacteria. This property is retained in the fabric, even after several washes at regular temperature.

- it is mould and mildew resistant, both of which are common allergens and con often trigger an eczema flare up.

- it does not hold on to odour from common irritants such as fragrances, perfumes, chemicals and other products.

- bamboo is also environmentally kind and suitable. It grows naturally without the use of pesticides and chemicals. It has an extensive root systems which allows limited use of fertilisers.