Dermasilk Elite Girl Brief, Age-3 to 6 years

To manage Eczema, Psoriasis and other Skin Conditions

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It comes in 2 sizes:

  • 3 to 6 years old
  • 7 to 10 yeard old

Proven to be effective in the management of eczema and dermatitis

Seamless sides and gusset made of Pique silk for added comfort

Maintains a stable moisture balance helping to reduce itching and scratching

Help calm and soothe irritated skin, promoting healing


  • Seamless sides and gusset made of Pique silk for added comfort
  • Bonded antimicrobial protects against a wide range of microbes without releasing chemicals onto the skin
  • Antimicrobial efficacy remains after repeated washes
  • Colour soft white
  • Stretch for a comfortable fit
  • Hand wash in warm water and air dry

Seamless technology and feminine styling make these briefs both stretchy and comfortable.

Inspired by the clothing that has brought relief to thousands of eczema patients around the UK, this revolutionary new fabric has been especially developed to meet the needs of today's lifestyles.

DermaSilkIntimo combines the proven pure fibroin silk with the activity of a fixed, permanent antimicrobial in a unique knitted fabric. The medical grade silk fabric uses a revolutionary combination of sericin-free fibroin silk with only 4% elastane to provide elasticity. The elastane is carefully woven within the silk yarn so that only the silk comes into contact with the skin. This new class of therapeutic underwear has been demonstrated in clinical studies to calm irritation and prevent bacterial and fungal infections by helping to maintain healthy levels of pH and humidity whilst minimising irritation in delicate areas. 

The antimicrobial permanently bonded to DermaSilkIntimo only acts on microbes that come into direct contact with the fabric and is not released from the fabric onto the skin. This antimicrobial inhibits the growth of contaminating bacteria and fungi without altering the natural flora of the skin and mucosa. It acts by attracting organisms to it and physically rupturing the microbe's outer cell membrane, destroying it instantly. The antimicrobial also helps to keep the garments fresh and cannot be washed or worn off. It remains effective throughout the life of the garment.
DermaSilkIntimo briefs require no additional elastication either around the waist or legs and their seamless design make them ideal for use under close fitting clothes. They fit most figures thanks to the elasticity of the knit and the absence of side seams which allows the garments to stretch comfortably to almost twice their size.
DermaSilkIntimo, used in conjunction with conventional medication, has been shown to help reduce pain, irritation, itching and redness associated with conditions such as recurrent thrush and lichen sclerosus.  It can also be used with natural creams.
DermaSilkIntimo has been designed and manufactured in Italy to give added style to this unique range of therapeutic underwear.  You'll never know you are wearing therapeutic underwear!
Care Instructions
Treat DermaSilkIntimo garments with care and they will last as long as normal underclothing. Wash by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C using non-bio (enzyme-free) detergent.
DermaSilk® is made from animal protein very similar to human hair so it can also be washed by hand with a little neutral shampoo (without conditioner or other additives).
Do not use bleach, fabric conditioners, stain removers or disinfectants. It is important to rinse repeatedly in plenty of water. Do not spin-dry or tumble-dry, or dry in direct contact with sources of heat (radiators).
To remove any stains, steep the garments in warm water and bicarbonate (2 spoons of bicarbonate per litre at 60°C) for 2-3 hours before ordinary washing.


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