No Scratch Mitten - 100% Organic Cotton - 6 months

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No Scratch Mitten

Indulge in the soothing comfort of our no-scratch mittens, meticulously fashioned from 100% organic cotton. Designed to provide a gentle barrier against itching and scratching, these mittens offer a soft and breathable solution for delicate skin, ensuring a peaceful and irritation-free experience.


  • Simple to wear at any hour, day or night
  • Assists in disrupting the itch-scratch cycle
  • Minimizes harm caused by scratching
  • Crafted from 100% Organic Cotton - GOTS certified
  • Crafted with our distinctive flat seams 
  • Oeko tex certified print with care instructions on the inside No latex or elastic components
  • Washable at 60°C to eliminate allergens, suitable for cool tumble drying

Size: To ensure the appropriate size, please refer to both the child's age and their body measurements (see carousel images for body measurements).

Organic cotton is highly beneficial for skin conditions due to its natural properties. Being free from chemicals, it minimizes irritation and allergic reactions. Its breathable and soft texture ensures comfort, while its absorbent nature helps manage moisture, particularly beneficial for conditions like eczema.

No scratch mittens are effective for several reasons:

  1. Physical Barrier: They provide a physical barrier between the skin and potential irritants, preventing direct contact and reducing the likelihood of scratching.

  2. Soft Material: Typically made from soft fabrics like cotton, they minimize discomfort and irritation to the skin, discouraging scratching behavior.

  3. Breathability: Good-quality mittens are breathable, allowing air circulation to prevent overheating and maintaining comfort for the wearer.

  4. Secure Fit: Properly fitted mittens stay in place, ensuring continuous protection against scratching, especially during sleep or periods of restlessness.

  5. Versatility: They can be worn day and night, offering round-the-clock protection against scratching, which is essential for managing skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis.

  6. Gentle on Skin: No scratch mittens are often designed without rough seams or labels, further reducing the risk of irritation to sensitive skin.

  7. Ease of Care: Many mittens are machine washable, making them convenient to clean and maintain hygiene.

In summary, no scratch mittens effectively deter scratching by providing a comfortable, breathable, and secure barrier against irritation, thereby promoting healing and minimizing discomfort for individuals with skin conditions.


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