Patches: Super Me - Super You

Patches: Embrace Your Inner Superhero

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BOOK: 27 page full colour picture book ideal 3 - 6 years.- by Julie Zamora (Author), Berna Rode (Illustrator)

Patches, (who suffers from eczema, an extreme skin condition) declares himself a superhero as he takes on daily challenges, pain and obstacles. Patches - is a little boy that tries to embrace his irritable skin condition and make the very best of his reality.

In "Patches Super Me- Super You", you will be introduced to four additional friends that face challenges, some seen and unseen ( Alopecia, Apraxia, Physically Disabled, Hemangioma) Patches helps his friends find the best in their difference and declares them all superheroes in fun ways.

If you are looking for a book to educate, inform, normalize and bring attention to others about struggles children face that make them unique, this is the book for you. If you are looking to find a book to help your child not feel lonely in their own struggles and find connection with other children, look no further.

For an eczema specific story check out "Patches" !

Julie Zamora Author

Good Morning-Good Day or Good Night, depending on when you stumbled upon my bio! I am Julie Zamora the Author of the newest children's book Patches! I am a middle school 5th and 6th grade educator, a photographer, mother to two amazing children and wife to an incredible husband. I enjoy vacationing, traveling, beaches and food. I have always enjoyed the beauty and lessons learned in children books. When I was in college my Children's Lit Professor told me that becoming a published Author was 1 in a million. I let that dream go long ago. I never thought I would or could be here sharing my experience and offering a book to the world but here I am! Persistence is key- never give up on a dream because it serves a purpose! I was inspired to write 'Patches' based on my sons terrible and lonely experience with eczema. It has been a painful existence for my child and watching him suffer with this incurable skin condition has led me to want to share his story that relates to many. My goal in writing this book was to normalize difference. I want to share with children that no matter what sets you a part from others, you ARE a MASTER PIECE! 'Patches' is a story that shares struggles tackled and defeated by a positive mindset. This is a book to inspire, teach and unite.

IMPORTANT: Illustrated kids' books about allergies serve several important purposes for children:

  1. Education: These books provide a child-friendly and relatable way to learn about allergies. They explain what allergies are, common allergens, and how to recognize allergic reactions. This knowledge empowers children to understand their own allergies or those of their friends and classmates.

  2. Empathy and Understanding: Allergy-themed books help foster empathy in children. They teach kids to be considerate of others who may have allergies and to be aware of potential allergens. This can reduce the risk of accidentally causing harm to their peers with allergies.

  3. Safety: Children with allergies need to know how to keep themselves safe. Allergy books often include practical tips on avoiding allergens, carrying medications (like EpiPens), and seeking help in case of an allergic reaction. This knowledge can be life-saving.

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  6. Healthy Eating Habits: Some allergy-themed books focus on food allergies. These books can help children with allergies and their peers make informed food choices, promoting healthier eating habits and ensuring that everyone can enjoy meals together safely.

  7. Reading and Literacy Skills: Illustrated books are a fantastic tool for developing reading and literacy skills in children. By using engaging visuals and relatable stories, allergy-themed books encourage kids to read and learn.

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